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Our Philosophy 

“Our heritage is our inheritance, what we value in the present and what we choose to preserve for future generations”

Cultural heritage shapes our identities and our every-day lives. It is visible in our villages and towns, in the landscapes that surround us and in the numerous archaeological sites. It is not only interwoven in our literature and art, but also in the crafts that are passed on to us by our ancestors. Think of all the stories we tell our children or how we prepare our food. Our cultural heritage is absolutely inseparable from life itself!


When it comes to getting married in Europe, which is rich in ancient history and cultural heritage, it offers a wide range of options to choose from. For Sparkles & Bubbles it goes beyond organizing a wedding in a beautiful setting. It gives us the opportunity to use and incorporate old local traditions and crafts into your Wedding Day. We are convinced that by combining everything this fantastic European heritage has to offer with our individually tailored services, we can proudly define ourselves as a unique concept!


By applying this unique concept, Sparkles & Bubbles contributes to the preservation of this great European heritage and makes it accessible to all couples who recognize the importance to preserve this heritage. Together we are giving the past a future!

Our Philosophy 

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