Designing & Styling

Designing & Styling

When it comes to Designing & Styling your Wedding Day, Sparkles & Bubbles will create a new design for every couple that is styled according to their wishes.

Our first step in the process is to understand YOU and your lifestyle, your wishes and requirements, which then enables us to design and style your exclusive one-of-a-kind Wedding Day.

We then draw up a plan of how your Wedding Day will look like, taking into account the functional and the aesthetic aspect of the design. This is a rather time-consuming but very important part of the process that should not be underestimated. It will determine the course of your Wedding Day and form the basis for its further implementation.

Our final step in the process is styling this specially created design for you by using the best quality products available. These quality products are not only supplied by the best established suppliers within Europe but also by the local suppliers who have successfully maintained their centuries old traditions and crafts. Read more about what motivates us here.

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